HavanaCubano/ACI Tours Inc. is a legal People-to-People Cuba travel operator. We are U.S. (OFAC) licensed to legally facilitate U.S. citizen travel to Cuba for photography, culture, underwater photography/marine ecology and customized tours.  Cultural immersion is our specialty. We interact with the people of Cuba and feature their many unique and interesting cultural elements that constitute the social fabric of today’s Cuba including art, architecture, ballet, boxing, cigar making, food, music, organic farming, sustainable fishing and photography.

As of January 2015, the Obama Administration loosened travel restrictions to Cuba allowing U.S. citizens to conduct self-licensed tours to the island within 12 different categories. While this option may be possible for some travelers, it is not necessarily practical or immediate.  We offer small group tours and one-of-a-kind access that an ordinary traveler would be unlikely to find on their own. By maintaining small tour groups of no larger than 14 people, we are able to provide an authentic experience without sacrificing the intimacy of true cultural immersion. Owner/guide native, R.A. (Roly) Montaner-Fontaine, and bilingual professional photographer guides facilitate conversations during the tours. Various professional photographer guides serve on our tours on a rotating basis.

On all HavanaCubano tours, we focus on meeting diverse and interesting Cuban people to artistically photograph them. Also, you will have workshop-like experiences in photography, receive tips that will help you improve your technical photography abilities and be encouraged to explore your own personal style. Our professional photographer guides will deliver instruction at your individual skill level. HavanaCubano invites you to take a week and immerse yourself among people that are passionate about photography and Cuban culture.


During our cultural immersion photo tours we arrange special opportunities to collaborate with other Cuban artists in making cross-cultural photo-art.

HChome_04Photography is central to the theme of HavanaCubano tours but not the sole purpose of our trips. Under the people-to-people visa program, we are in Cuba to meet and become acquainted with the Cuban people and in turn, they with us. Photography is a great ice breaker, and we use it as a catalyst to initiate conversation and social interaction with Cubans during the course of their daily lives.

We’re foodies too!! Expect to enjoy the best food Cuba has to offer while traveling with HavanaCubano. To get a taste of where we will be going here are some links to our favorite paladares. Sage advice from founder’s father, “Learn to take good care of your mouth, you are going to have to take it with you wherever you go”.

Our professional photographer guides will conduct impromptu workshops during our tours so that you can make the most of photography while on our journey.

HChome_05HavanaCubano travelers will learn the elements required to create a good photograph. Cuba consistently avails the photographer with amazing natural light. We will discuss how to take advantage of light using the chiaroscuro method to light your subjects on the streets of Havana. Cuban people are open, friendly, and possessing a great desire to meet and interact with people from outside of Cuba. Their openness provides the perfect segue into taking great spontaneous photographs. Our tours are for photographers of all levels, from beginner to professional.

HChome_06Our professional photographer guides will offer tips on Photoshop and Lightroom for processing your photos when time permits. If Ansel Adams was correct in saying a great photograph is not taken, but made, then you will want to bring your laptop. Acquire insight into how manipulating exposure, color, contrast, and other variables can radically improve the impressions made by your initial photographs. The best part is that there is no right or wrong, just different ways of seeing things; this is the essence of art.

HChome_07On our tours, we will place you in the very same types of environments and situations that have given rise to the great photographs taken by National Geographic and Pulitzer Prize winning photographers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, you will have the opportunity to experience these amazing sites and enjoy them as you capture them through your lens. The excitement of engaging in a friendly people-to-people dialog with ordinary Cubans and learning about them, their art, music, food, love of baseball and way of life, exchanging impressions, arriving as strangers and departing as friends are rewarding and treasured experiences. We feel it is very important to conduct our tours in an organic sense where we are both structured yet free to let life happen. It is our hope that you will make some great new friends while on our tours.

HChome_08No matter your skill level as a photographer, you will find yourself highly inspired and having a great time learning and meeting the amazing, open, and friendly Cuban people. Our professional photographer guides will also host early morning and late afternoon photo-walks that will be offered outside of our scheduled tour itinerary. These will provide additional opportunities to meet and photograph the people and culture of Cuba. Some of the best light of the day for taking photographs happens in the early morning and late afternoon, we will take you into its midst to make the most of it! HChome_09HChome_10

A Cuban woman uses a smart phone in Havana, Cuba. A sign that modern change is rapidly approaching. Don't pass up this opportunity to step into the world's only living time capsule. Book your trip today.
A Cuban woman uses a smart phone in Havana, Cuba. A sign that modern change is rapidly approaching. Don’t pass up this opportunity to step into the world’s only living time capsule. Book your trip today.

Learn more about us and why we are the right choice for your Cuba travel plans. If you are a photography enthusiast at any skill level looking for special photographic opportunities, then we are the ideal travel company to take you to Cuba. We offer a 5 days/4 nights long Havana weekend, and an 8 days/7 nights week trip to Havana and Viñales. In addition a Specialty Tour – Marine Biology Tour for U/W Photographers and divers.

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A view of the Cathedral in Old Town Havana. Cuba’s classic buildings and architecture remind us all of its past grandeur.
A view of the Cathedral in Old Town Havana. Cuba’s classic buildings and architecture remind us all of its past grandeur.


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