Cuba Tour agent - R.A. (Roly) MONTANER-FONTAINEFounder, R.A. (Roly) Montaner-Fontaine – Owner/Operator of HavanaCubano/ACI Tours Inc. is a Cuban born American & Mexican citizen. Roly left Cuba in the last remaining days of the Cuba – U.S. diplomatic relations. For the last 25 years, he has owned and operated DIVE COZUMEL, a technical diving and fishing charter operation in Cozumel, Mexico. The proximity of Cozumel to his homeland enabled him to stay current with Cuba’s pulse. Being the grandson of Rita Montaner, Cuba’s twentieth century cultural icon, allows him unique access to Cuba’s cultural scene.  Now with the long awaited change in the tide of Cuba – U.S. relations, Roly takes pride in sharing the Cuban native’s Cuba, its natural beauty and multifaceted culture with you. He brings his love for people and his skills to develop adventure to the forefront for our HavanaCubano tours.

“Cuba, See it Like a Native – a Cubano!”



A very special thanks to Richard Andrews for providing all the beautiful photography featured on the website.