Learn, photograph and discover through lectures and collaboration with Cuban biologists, fishermen, divers and water-men the beauty and diversity of the Cuban waters and the challenges facing its littoral and those of the Caribbean. Discover and photograph hidden jewels of the Cuban coastline.

Itinerary –  Due to the nature of Cuba travel our itineraries are subject to scheduling changes and activities substitutions. We will make every effort to conform to a consistent and quality travel experience





Arrive in Miami, continue to the Hilton or Sofitel Hotel – OR – Arrive in Cancun continue to the Westin Resort or Courtyard Marriott. Join in a “Meet & Greet” for a welcome cocktail and trip overview Q&A (CONTINGENT ON DEPARTURE OPTION CHOSEN)

Day 1 Havana

8 AM – Havana arrival. We’ll be picked up by our transportation for the day. Drop luggage at hotel, too early to check in
Hemingway Day – A guided tour of his home Finca Vigia in San Pedro de Paula, today it still houses his expansive collection of books. It was here that he wrote two of his most celebrated novels: For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea. The beautiful grounds and bizarre tales from Hemingway’s years in Cuba are captivating, as is his boat, the legendary and storied Pilar, named after the heroine of For Whom the Bell Tolls and his wife Pauline
1:30 PM – Late lunch at La Tarraya, Hemingway’s bar in Cojímar, the Pilar’s home port
3:30 PM – Return to Old Havana for a Mojito at La Bodeguita del Medio and a Daiquiri at El Floridita.
“My mojito at the Bodeguita and my Daiquiri at the Floridita.” – Ernest “Papa” Hemingway
5:30 PM – Hotel check in.
6:30 PM – Orientation by a marine biologist from the Instituto de Oceanologia de Cuba – Q&A
8 PM – Dinner at Razones paladar

Day 2 Havana/Playa Girón

7 AM Breakfast (included)
8 AM – Departure for Playa Girón (130 mi/211 km)
10 AM – Hotel check in.
11 AM – 2 dives with a marine biologist following orientation and briefing
2 PM – Lunch (included)
3 PM – Lecture on Cuban oceanographic applied methodology for conservation & sustainability
4 PM – 1 dive
6 PM – Welcome cocktail (included)
7 PM – Dinner at a paladar in town

Day 3 Playa Girón/Havana

8 AM Breakfast (included)
9AM – Lecture on endemic species
10 AM – Three dives with a marine biologist – (1 can be a cavern dive option)
2 PM – Lunch (included)
3 PM – Optional Bay of Pigs Museum visit
4 PM – Return to Havana.

Day 4 Havana/María la Gorda

7 AM – Breakfast (included)
8AM – Departure to María la Gorda (190 mi/304 km).
11 AM – Hotel check in
12 PM – Two dives with a marine biologist following orientation and briefing
1 PM – Lunch (included) – Lecture on catch sustainability in Cuban waters
3 PM – One dive (optional night dive/1 hour after sunset)
6 PM – Dinner (included)

Day 5 María la Gorda

8 AM – Breakfast (included)
9 AM – Lecture – Environmental sustainability – Lionfish invasion impact on Cuban waters
10 AM – Two dives with a marine biologist following orientation and briefing
1 PM – Lunch (included)
2 PM – One dive
5 PM – Dinner at a local farm, locally sourced Surf & Turf. Return to hotel

Day 6 María la Gorda/ Viñales/Havana

7 AM – Breakfast (included)
8AM – Departure for Valley of Viñales (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Visit the Guaniguanico Mogotes, an organic farm, the Viñales Caves, and a tobacco plantation
12 PM – Lunch – Partake in a farm to table dinner from organically self-sourced ingredients in Sr. Don “Vitaminas” Bella Vista paladar. Enjoy a self-sourced Habano rolled on the spot. Take advantage of the incredible scenic photo opportunities
4 PM – Return to Havana.
7 PM – Dinner at La Cocina de Lillian. If you’re still game, we can do the night life (optional)

Day 7

8 AM – Breakfast (included)
9AM – Old Havana photo-tour Part 1 – Beginning in Cathedral Square and its environs.
12 PM – Lunch at Doña Eutimia’s, the paladar that made Newsweek’s top 100 restaurants in the world in 2012
After lunch, we will explore Havana’s Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and wander through the Plaza Vieja, the oldest plaza in Havana, dating from the 16th century. See the Plaza de San Francisco, a cobbled plaza surrounded by buildings dating from the 18th century, dominated by the baroque Iglesia and Convento de San Francisco dating from 1719. Visit Plaza de la Cathedral and Cathedral de San Cristóbal de La Habana. Visit the Plaza de Armas, a scenic tree-lined plaza formerly at the center of influence in Cuba. It is surrounded by many of the most historic structures in Havana as well as important monuments. Adjacent to the Plaza de Armas is the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, a splendid example of Cuban Baroque, which originally housed the Chapter House, Governor’s Residence and house of detention.
6 PM – We begin our evening with a sunset photo walk along Prado Boulevard and the Malecón’s seawall. Followed by an amazing complimentary dinner at the famous La Guarida paladar, the set to the movie “Strawberry and Chocolate,” and known for its delicious desserts. Cuban Jazz Night

Day 8

9 AM – Old Havana tour Part 2 includes a stroll along Boulevard El Prado, Museo de Bellas Artes/Palacio de Bellas Artes and Palacio del Centro Asturiano.
12 PM – Lunch at Los Nardos restaurant
1:30 PM – We continue to the Capitol Building and Teatro Nacional.
6 PM – Dinner at La Fontana paladar.
8 PM – Cabaret Tropicana Night, the inspiration for Las Vegas

Day 9 Departure

8AM – Breakfast. Tour Partagas cigar factory, shop for cigars and rum. Airport departure

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Tours include breakfast, daily transportation and admission fees to sites. Meals at paladares (privately owned restaurants) and alcoholic beverages are not included.


 Ernest Hemingway with friends and a large fish aboard the Anita. L-R (front row): Carlos Gutierrez, Ernest Hemingway, Joe "Sloppy Joe"/"Josie" Russell (owner of the Anita). Circa 1932-1933 Cuba. Ernest Hemingway Collection. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.
Ernest Hemingway with friends and a large fish aboard the Anita. L-R (front row): Carlos Gutierrez, Ernest Hemingway, Joe “Sloppy Joe”/”Josie” Russell (owner of the Anita). Circa 1932-1933 Cuba.
Ernest Hemingway Collection. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.